Mom says Nurses Refusing to Administer the Cannabis Oil that Quell Son’s Seizures

The mother of a child with a rare, life-threatening illness says nurses are refusing to administer the medicine that most effectively treats his seizures — all because of hospital politics surrounding children and medical marijuana.

Maria Niembro’s 11-year-old son, Francesco, has CFC Syndrome (Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous). “There are only 450 people like him in the world,” Niembro says. “I hit the lottery with him.”

That lottery though, is one no parent would ever wish to win. Francesco is non verbal, has severe developmental delays, is fed through a G-tube, and is plagued by life-threatening seizures.

His bedroom looks like a hospital room. From the industrial bed, to the dresser loaded with medications, to the cot where Maria sleeps beside him.

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