Ex-Hells Angel Sues Ottawa Cops Over Medical Marijuana Bust

A former Hells Angel is suing Ottawa police for false arrest, alleging he was charged with illegally possessing weed even after he showed officers a medical marijuana licence issued by Health Canada for treatment of his post-traumatic stress disorder.

In a statement of claim filed in Ottawa court, Michael Clairoux says he injured himself when he fell during a panic attack while in custody following the arrest on July 1, 2014. As well, he says, the arrest has aggravated his PTSD symptoms.

According to the statement, Clairoux was watching a Canada Day music show in the ByWard Market when two police officers took exception to his Hells Angels T-shirt and told him to leave. Clairoux, 42, claims he offered to go to a friend’s to change his shirt, but was told by Const. Nick Benard that he could not return.

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