Marijuana Dispensary Set to Open in the Suburbs, and Stittsville Councillor isn’t Happy About It

A medical marijuana dispensary about to open in Stittsville has sparked a spat between the city councillor for the suburb and the entrepreneur who owns the business.

Coun. Shad Qadri says it would be irresponsible of Magna Terra Health Services on Iber Road to operate without a licence and within a “mere 15-minute walk” of two schools.

Dispensary owner Franco Vigile accuses Qadri of trying to “install fear in the community.” He says he’ll run the illegal dispensary safely and responsibly. He held an open house Tuesday and another is planned for Wednesday to get public comments. He hopes to open for business in the next few weeks, says Vigile, who is also part owner of a marijuana dispensary on Carling Avenue.

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