The Tantalizing Clues that Suggest Cannabis Played a Key Role in the Birth of Civilization Itself

The Silk Road may have gotten a lot more interesting than history class would have us believe.

Across the globe, from Colorado to Montevideo, the modern marijuana industry is blossoming. With it has come a wave of societal benefits—from the economic booms of Denver and Portland, to the mind-boggling advances in science and medicine being discovered as far afield as Tel Aviv and Madrid. As this happens, we’re slowly beginning to undo the many decades of self-inflicted damage of marijuana prohibition. Cannabis is changing the way we view the world, and could provide major boosts to humanity’s health, wealth and happiness.

To the casual observer, this explosion of progress appears to be the inevitable consequence of the liberalization of global drug policy, itself spurred on by the inexorable onward march of ethics and science. It’s considered, with good reason, to be a modern phenomenon (although granted, cannabis was not widely banned until less than a century ago).

But have we, as a species, been here before?

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