From Behind the Green Closet Door – Marijuana Dispensaries in Ottawa

In choral unison the macabre delirious Kings and Queens of dope , otherwise known as the Federal Marijuana Task Force, obsessed with narcotic fumes screamed in rage, “Get those green n*****s off Parliament Hill!” They put on their Hazmat suits and arc welding masks recently to observe top secret video taped evidence of ten thousand rioting delinquent outsiders of the Canadian dream who were all mobbed up, miraculously without immediately perceived self inflicted injury, committing whole series of indictable offenses in open view while all jacked up on reefer sticks this April 20th.

The F.M.T.F. want to go from chasing marijuana users like dogs to walking them on a short leash.

Over-regulating reefer sticks and its users out of existence using slick dialogue and snake oil evidence worthy of any 17th century slaver quoting from a book of faith is the job of the F.M.T.F. also known as Committee to Regulate All Pleasure, aka C.R.A.P.

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