A Medical Marijuana Patient is Suing Toronto for $1 Million Over the Dispensary Crackdown

A medical marijuana patient has filed a human rights complaint against the City of Toronto demanding $1 million because the dispensaries closest to him were shut down during the Project Claudia raids.

Raymond Hathaway, a paralegal who uses a cannabis extract called Rick Simpson oil, aka Phoenix Tears, to treat an inoperable tumour in his spine, told VICE that dispensaries in Scarborough, where he lives, were targeted by Project Claudia. As a result, he said he can’t access the medicine he needs to treat pain and swelling caused by the tumour. He’s now suing the city for infringing on his rights.

“I consider this harassment and direct attack on my security of person specifically targeting medical cannabis patient access,” Lee wrote in one of two emails addressed to the city and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Lee shared the emails with VICE.

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