This Man Ran a Huge Cannabis Factory Next to a Police HQ

In 2016, the idea of corporations running large-scale weed-growing operations is a relatively mainstream one. With attitudes relaxing towards cannabis, the plant now being legal in a number of states, and the “green economy” clearly being a very viable way of making big money, it probably won’t be all that long until we start to see multinational conglomerates built on buds.

However, in the early 2000s, weed was still a dirty word; the notion of a cannabis farm being able to operate like a legitimate, tax-paying business would have seemed absurd. So you can imagine their surprise when, in 2010, North Wales police discovered that such an enterprise had been running out of a factory in a Kinmel Bay industrial estate since the turn of the millennium, right next to their helicopter HQ.

The business worked exactly like a regular company, conducting interviews with prospective employees and paying taxes under the guise of being a legal business. Authorities claimed that the company, which was Wales’s biggest cannabis farm, generated profits of $2 million per year, and was described in court as “nothing short of a rolling production line.”

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