Don’t All Rush at Once, but This Legal Cannabis Startup is Hiring Tech Staff

OK. So it’s not a tester job, duh, but Confident Cannabis is looking for front and backend developers in San Francisco and this is actually a chance to be part of a pretty cool social experiment, as much as being close to the green stuff.

As legislators across the world, most notably in the US, are taking another look at whether prohibition of weed has ever really made economic or social sense, Silicon Valley startups are doing what they do best – working out how to grab a piece of this growing market.

Confident Cannabis is essentially making getting high “as easy as ordering delivery food,” but rather than mimicking your dodgy local dealer, it’s rapidly adding a lot of value using data.

From individual users in relevant US states, to shops and producers, it’s helping with testing the product, gathering up industry data and setting the standards for what cannabis should be like when it’s legal.

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