Marc Emery Makes Cannabis Suppositories in Ljubljana with Božidar Radišič

CANNABIS CULTURE – Dr. Paul Hornby came to see me at my office at the Strain Hunters Club just before Spannabis in early March.

Sitting down we discussed many of his latest discoveries in the medical and therapeutic applications of THC and CBD rich extracts. Two things stuck out in my mind. One was when he said “Marc, the research on CBD as an anti-anxiety agent is compelling. It has tremendous calming effects on the psyche and areas of the body. Wherever in the body we have CB receptors, we can reduce inflammation, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, and calm the body and mind. And because it’s not psychoactive in any way that people can find unpleasant, and because so many people identify themselves as stressed out, its going to be in all our food as an added supplement. Milk, bread, yogurt, edible oils, baked goods; and since there are no overdose possibilities for CBD, it will soon be in all our food and people are going to love it.”

So that was pretty cool. Paul was arriving to go to a farm 35 kilometers north of Barcelona where he was going to grow what appeared to be acres of cannabis plants on a very sophisticated level. He was going to make cannabis oil, sometimes known as Rick Simpson oil, but certainly whole plant extract.

The second thing that stuck out in my mind was his endorsement of a Slovenian researcher and medical cannabis activist named Božidar Radišič. “Go to Ljubljana, Marc, thats where it’s really happening. See Božidar,” he said.

Ljubljana is the capitol of Slovenia. I like to think I’m pretty cosmopolitan and I can name most countries and their capitol, but until that moment, if you would have asked “What’s the capitol of Slovenia?” I couldn’t tell you, nor could I tell you where Ljubljana was.

So on that thin thread of an endorsement, I wrote Božidar, who said, “Room no problem, I’ll pick you up at the airport.” I booked my flight with the very reasonably-priced Turkish Airlines, which is when I decided to stay four days in Istanbul, en route to Ljubljana.

I arrived from four days in Istanbul, a staggeringly large city of 16 million that straddles the Bosphorus Strait which separates Europe and Asia. So Istanbul is both in Europe and Asia. More about that stay in terrorist-stricken Istanbul in a future blog.

I was really charmed by the modest sized city of Ljubljana. Lovely old buildings in good condition in a style that made me think of 1930s black and white movies that take place in Transylvania and other romantic but distinctly slavic locales. I even encountered a beautiful catholic ritual happening on a muted but clearly-lit street on my first night; all men singing in beautiful male voices, one holding a very tall Christ-on-the-Cross staff, others holding torches, as they gathered in a loose circle around the one holding the suffering saviour on the cross.


Dragon motifs are throughout the old city [see photos below]. The Ljubljanica River dominates the orientation of the central old district, with two main plaza; Prešeren Square, and Ljubljana University plaza, where the Cannabis Awarenesss Presentation will be on May 17 with permits, a stage, and live music.







My photos of the old part of Ljublijana:





But my reason for being there was to watch Božidar at work. And what a dynamo he is. From first thing in the morning when he rises at 7 AM to 10 PM at night he fields 50 to 100 phone calls from people all over the Balkan countries (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia) and eastern Europe. Božidar has been treating hundreds of patients with cancer and other serious brain, intestinal, internal organ, and blood diseases with his cannabis oil. He grows the cannabis and then makes it into a resin concentrate. He recently harvested 14 kilograms (31 pounds) dried of 4 strains, Mama Mia, Sensi Star (Dutch Passion), Big Bud (Sensi Seed) and Amnesia LSD (Barney’s Farm). The entire plants, once dried, are soaked in food-grade ethanol. The ethanol is removed, and what remains is 1,600 grams (1.6 kilo) of pure cannabis oil (resin). If we consider the value of 31 pounds of outstanding bud in Canada, it would be about $68,000 CN ($50,000 US) wholesale, and worth even more in the USA and most of Europe. So the 1.6 kilo of oil in the photograph (making suppositories #2)  is worth $68,000 CN! Wow!


Božidar has a presentation he has made of his many years experience with cannabis oil in a PDF file that is included in this blog.

Božidar Radišič presentation – Cannabis In Medicine: Practice & Experience (PDF)

It shows the experience of 207 patients who used this cannabis oil to treat very serious cancers including (see page 62-65) lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, testicular cancer, brain cancer, melanoma, uterine cancer. This experience is incredibly hopeful and the results are stunning. Many complete recoveries and defeat and elimination of the cancer! I urge you to take the little time to read this utterly ground-breaking and mind-blowing report on his success in treating cancers and neurological diseases with cannabis oil (sometimes known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). Božidar’s experience with patients has convinced him the best method of delivery of the cannabis oil is by suppository. One day I helped make 500+ suppositories in three strengths; each suppository contains a total of 2 grams of cocoa butter and cannabis extract.


Photo 1; Making suppositories with cannabis oil, aka Rick Simpson oil, RSO, starting with 750 grams of cocoa butter melting in pot. This butter is the medium we will put the active cannabinoid extract (RSO) in.


Making suppositories from cannabis oil extraction tutorial Photo 2; This is a glass pyrex container of 1,400 mg (1.4 kilo) of 80% cannabis extract. It is made up of four strains for a wide array of cannabinoids. It is derived from 14 kilos (32 pounds) of buds from White Widow, Amnesia LSD (Barney’s Farm), Big Bud (Sensi Seed), and Sendi Star (Paradise Seeds). 32 pounds! into 1.6 kilo of 80% cannabinoid strength. Today we started with 1.4 kilo of extract (the pyrex container is 260 gms weight) . The extraction medium was food grade ethanol C2H5OH.


Making suppositories with extracted cannabis oil tutorial photo 3: With a spoon we withdraw 13 grams from the container of extraction and we will put it in the pot with the heated and melted cocoa butter.


Suppository production using cannabis oil tutorial photo 4: The cocoa butter is melted and I stir the 13 grams of extract into the about 240 grams of our 750 grams of melted cocoa butter. We are saving 510 grams of cocoa butter for the higher strength suppositories. This pot of extract and butter will make 120 suppositories.


Making suppositories of cannabis oil tutorial photo 5: Bracing my right arm I inject 2 ml into each suppository cavity with a 20 ml syringe using a 1.8 mm metal needle. I will fill 120 cavities.


Photo 6; up close as I inject the cannabis extract-cocoa butter liquid into 120 cavities.


I take my box of 120 filled cavities of 100 mg strength into the refrigerator. The liquid will solidify now into a workable stable state until placed in the 98.6 F body temperature of the rectal cavity. Now we will do 120 more suppositories at 200 mg, 120 more 300 mg.


Suppository production photo 8: When suppositories are solid, anytime after 40 minutes in the refrigerator, they are removed and labelled for strength. This is my 100 mg strength suppositories with a peel-able black label, orange label is 200 mg, silver label is 300 mg strength.


Photo 9. Organic soy lecithin consumed 2-4 tablespoons daily added to your diet does a lot to help the cannabinoids in the suppositories bind to your CB1 and CB2 receptors.


In the photos I am making 140 suppositories containing .1 gram of pure cannabis extract which contains 70 mg of active cannabinoid (whole plant extract of THC, CBD, CBN and all other cannabinoids). These are labelled with a black tape. Next strength is double strength, and I made 140 suppositories with .2 grams of cannabis extract for 140 mg of active cannabinoids. These are labelled orange. Then I made 140 triple-strength suppositories of .3 grams extract containing 210 mg of active cannabinoids. The value of cannabis extract per gram then is $42 CN a gram. The value of .1 gram of extract is $4.20 CN ($3.25 US), double strength is $8.40 CN ($6.50 US), triple strength is $12.60 CN ($9.75 US).

Božidar’s method requires using 60 gm of oil over a 72-day period. Most patients use one suppository a day but there is no limit on how much you can use because of the following discoveries made:

  1. No reported case of overdose in any patient. Unlike eating cannabis in foods or BHO (dabs) or even smoking, with suppositories the patient never reports any unpleasant overdose side-effects, so you can increase dosage without any problems one can encounter with all other methods of ingestion. This is extremely important.
  2. The absorption of the cannabinoid is most efficient via suppository in the vagina or rectum. The mucous membranes in those areas are efficient at delivering cannabinoids into the blood stream. All other methods involve loss of cannabinoid utility, orally, in food or capsules, the stomach acids destroy some cannabinoid en route to the bloodstream. Smoking itself destroys and wastes much of the cannabinoid potential, and smoking produces some non-medical by-products that are not useful and may be irritating. Vaporization is relatively efficient but the absorption via suppository produces a very pleasant and unique body wellness feeling that I experienced myself as I tested these suppositories.

In Canada and the USA, and for that matter throughout Europe, cannabis oil delivered to the human body via cocoa butter or other media is virtually unknown. This must change. Cannabis oil delivered by vaginal or rectal suppository is without peer in delivering the benefits of THC/CBD/cannabinoids. Even if you want to get “high”, this method is outstanding, delivering a clearly distinct body high and wonderful brain stimulation as I found out over three evenings of experimentation at 70 mg, then 140 mg, then 210 mg. At 70 mg I had complete relaxation of my body. At 140 mg I had wonderful colourful visions and tremendous relaxation of my body. Music was profoundly exciting. At 210 mg I had visions, incredible relaxation, noticeably arousing sexual stimulation, music was very intense. With all 3 doses I had a deep and pleasing sleep that lasted 7 – 8 hours. Normally I sleep poorly and wake frequently. Nothing unpleasant was experienced on any of the three nights. It took 2 – 3 hours from the time I used them for the effects to be felt. For medical purposes, the effects on the cancer happen as long as the cannabinoids are circulating in the blood, which reaches everywhere in the body, including the brain (anti-Alzheimers, anti-demetia, anti-CTE plaque) and all organs and of course the arteries (anti-stroke, anti-aneurism) and blood (anti-leukemia) itself.

In the week I spent in Ljubljana, I met many patients, adults and children (with their parents) who have had or are treating their cancer with cannabis oil supplied by Božidar. I met court judges, the head of pediatrics at a children’s hospital, government officials and numerous other serious activists, most aged 35-60 years old. I met growers from areas away from the capitol Ljubljana (pronounced Lube-lee-anna). There is a serious movement going on in Slovenia. Božidar and his supporters have sympathetic elected officials in the Slovenian parliament who ask questions and hector the government to legalize what is still illegal and unrecognized in Slovenian law. While I was there, questions were put to the Health Minister about legalizing medical cannabis, and some positive murmurings are coming from the government. Nonetheless, what Božidar does is still illegal.

Božidar Radišič is a hero to me. He has been arrested numerous times for his activism. He is a controversial and determined character. He is a chain smoker of tobacco. Only hours after he and I parted as I left Slovenia for Italy, Božidar was arrested and imprisoned. He will serve four months from the time of his incarceration (mid-March) because in his previous arrest he got into a scuffle with a police officer and was sentenced to four months in prison, suspended pending good behaviour. But Božidar would not curtail his activism, and while I was there, a warrant went out for his arrest and he now has to serve that four months. He will be released in mid-July.

Božidar is a warrior however, and refuses to accept his incarceration. He has been refusing food since March 24, and as I write this on April 15, that’s 22 days now without food. Božidar, in his previous incarcerations for cannabis, refused food for up to 82 days. He now suffers from some permanent health ill effects from that almost impossible hunger strike. I can only hope that Božidar is released prior to him collapsing or becoming incapacitated permanently. He is a determined man and he hates injustice and the government. I am genuinely in awe of him but very worried for him also. I question my own courage when I think of Božidar. I am not courageous enough to starve myself, at least I have never had a good enough reason to do so.

Meanwhile the work continues with his stalwart assistant Simon and his ally and great friend Dean and others.

To find out more and to contact Božidar’s people, go to his Facebook page. Assistant Simon is looking after the page while Bozidar is serving his four-month sentence.

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.