Mother of Cork Boy Receiving US Cannabis Treatment – ‘It’s Illogical to not Have it in Ireland’

In 2015 Yvonne Cahalane and her son two-year-old son, Tristan, relocated to Colorado to begin treatment for his epilepsy which uses cannabis oil. Briona Gallagher caught up with Yvonne, who still cannot believe the treatment isn’t legal in Ireland.

Late last year, the Irish Examiner website published a story about Yvonne Cahalane and her two year old son Tristan, who was born with Dravet syndrome, a severe, incurable form of epilepsy.

Tristan’s first seizure occurred when he was five months old and had escalated over time until he was experiencing epileptic seizures up to twenty times a day.

The combination of his condition and the side-effects from his prescribed pharmaceutical medications resulted in numerous neurological and cognitive problems that affected his speech, movement, appetite and behavior.

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