West Coast Weed Wear: Four Twenty Trading Co. 

CANNABIS CULTURE – Four Twenty Trading Co. is making waves with their dope beach stoner designs.

“We know the beach, we know weed, and we know the South Cal. vibe well,” Tommy Lansdon, the owner and creativity behind the brand, told Cannabis Culture.

Having grown up with family in the apparel industry, Lansdon said he was destined to follow a similar path.

“It’s something that I knew I wanted to step into one way or another and cannabis is … something that I could really get behind. I see so many positives from the health side of it to the financial side of it … to be honest I would be very hard pressed to find anything to say negative about it.”

420 Trading Co


Four Twenty Trading Co. features playfully weedified designs and versions of classic gear, a great example being their version of the always recognizable, North American classic: the baseball-t. Their version features their undoubtedly marijuana-friendly brand name, as well as a pot leaf above the vintage font.

“I feel that wearing a shirt is a way of embracing the culture and showing your support without necessarily being in someone’s face with it,” Lansdon said.




As an activist, Lansdon appreciates the importance of participating proudly in the marijuana community.

“There’s still a certain stigma about it; there’s always going to be to a certain extent but we’re going in a more positive direction. We’re moving in the right direction but we’re obviously not there yet.”

In this way, wearing a Four Twenty Trading Co. shirt, emblazoned with marijuana imagery, is a great way to open the conversation to educate people.

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Having been raised in a state that helped lead the marijuana movement, he recognizes the benefits of peacefully prideful potheads.

“Being in Southern California, there is no better day than one spent laying on the beach with a joint between your fingers, in our opinion, and it’s our goal to make apparel that helps you to look and feel as cool and comfortable as possible in the process.  With good vibes and a little ganja, we feel everything else takes care of itself.”

420 Trading Co

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As a new brand Four Twenty Trading Co. has many exciting new things planned, including some hype hats.

“We’re trying to make clothes that we think that we want to wear, that we enjoy, that we think in turn you guys will like and you guys will enjoy and we’re gonna put it out there and literally – I guess you could say put our hearts on our sleeves.”


Weed is not the only type of green that Four Twenty Trading Co. has in mind either. They also do all of their printing using environmentally friendly water-based inks “in attempt to keep things a little greener than they already are around here.”



Four Twenty Trading Co. is available on their website and you can stay up to date with this brand through their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Cannabis Culture will also tune in and turn you onto what comes next from Four Twenty Trading Co.

“We are here to simply combine our love of a comfortable and positive lifestyle with our passion for cannabis.”


Special thanks to Trip C Jewellery for jewellery seen in photos.

Photo shoot directed by Carly Marley. Photos by Jeremiah Vandermeer.

Models: Saundra Wilson, Jazmin Latter, Austin Couture, & Carly Marley.

See more photos in the complete 420 Trading Co. Flickr album:

420 Trading Co. by Carly Marley

Carly Marley
Carly Marley

Carly Marley is co-host of The 420 Lifestyle on Pot TV and Fashion Editor of Cannabis Culture.