With Banks Out, ‘Potrepreneurs’ Get Creative

The media glare after January’s jailbreak revived buzz over a separate, sensational crime: the brutal kidnapping and torture of a local pot shop owner.

One of the escaped inmates was accused of being part of a trio that drove the dispensary owner to the Mojave Desert, where they mistakenly believed he’d stashed cash. When the man couldn’t lead his kidnappers to buried treasure, authorities allege the escapee and his accomplices burned him with a blowtorch, severed part of his penis and left him for dead.

It appears to be the most salacious tale of violence linked to the large amounts of cash swirling around the county’s pot dispensaries. But it’s not the only one. A marijuana delivery driver was beaten and robbed in Lake Forest in 2014, and a would-be thief was killed by a guard at an illegal Anaheim dispensary a year ago.

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