Vancouver’s 4/20 Celebration Moving to SUNSET BEACH This April 20

CANNABIS CULTURE – This April 20, Vancouver’s annual cannabis-fest will be moving to Sunset Beach, instead of being held at its traditional spot at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

“We’re very excited about this move,” said Dana Larsen, well-known Vancouver legalization advocate and one of the event organizers.

“We’ve really outgrown the Art Gallery. Over the past few years, we’ve been faced with very large crowds, and forced to shut down major downtown streets toaccommodate the mass of people. The new location at Sunset Beach will help ensure a safe, successful event with far less public disruption.”

4/20 is a Vancouver tradition that first started in 1995 at Victory Square Park. The event is half protest against cannabis prohibition, and half celebration of the cannabis culture.

It has evolved over the years to become one of Vancouver’s largest and most well-known public events.

“We’ve been in contact with City and Park Board officials about moving to the new location,” Larsen said. “I’ve been advised that the Park Board will not sanction or provide an official permit for this event because of their no smoking in parks bylaw and the current grey area surrounding Canada’s cannabis laws.

Despite this, Larsen said the city recognizes the realities of the situation and will be collaborating with 4/20 organizers and other key stakeholders, including the City and the Vancouver Police Department.

The organizers will work closely with fire and safety officials to ensure a responsible 4/20 where public health concerns are addressed.

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