What It’s Like to Be a Weed Lawyer in Illinois

After Illinois last year joined the states offering medical marijuana, Dina Rollman and Bryna Dahlin left their jobs and formed Rollman & Dahlin, one of the first firms in Illinois to focus on the business end of cannabis law. The two tell Chicago about the challenges they face—including your bad pot puns.

What kinds of people are getting into the cannabis business?
ROLLMAN: These people are entrepreneurial and take a problem-solving approach to a challenge such as this. It certainly can’t be someone who’s easily defeated. There are so many bumps in a new industry, and even more with marijuana still being federally illegal and state-legal.

DAHLIN: This is not at all for the risk averse. I’ll tell you who we don’t see. We don’t see stoner stereotypes at all. [We see] professionals; well-educated people who take this very seriously.

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