First Six months of Minnesota’s Medical Marijuana Program Bring Wonders, Worries

Medical marijuana is no miracle cure. The Hauser family knew that before they gave their toddler his first dose.

Wyatt Hauser of Woodbury was the first patient to be enrolled in Minnesota’s medical cannabis program last summer. While the fledgling industry struggled with low enrollment, high prices and a skeptical medical community, the 3-year-old swallowed cannabis oil mixed with applesauce three times a day as his parents waited to see if the treatment would help after every other epilepsy drug had failed.

More than six months later, seizures still wrack the boy’s developing brain, but the frequency has dwindled from hundreds a day to about 80. Every seizure “breaks my heart,” said his mother, Jessica Hauser. But in the lulls between, there are glimpses of a new Wyatt.

This Wyatt laughs. He makes eye contact. He climbs onto his mother’s lap to cuddle and chases after big brother E.J. He plays with toys. This Wyatt, whose family tried almost a dozen seizure medications with no success, has been weaned off them all.

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