Ex-Lineman Kyle Turley on NFL Cannabis Ban: ‘This Whole Thing has to Change’

During his ten-year NFL career, offensive lineman Kyle Turley was known as a tough, passionate, and ferocious player. He may be most remembered for flinging Jets defender Damien Robinson’s helmet during a game (though to be fair, Robinson had just committed a vicious penalty against Turley’s quarterback). Turley played the game in the trenches, where knocks to the head came with every snap.

After retirement in 2007, Turley turned to music, releasing an album of power country calledAnger Management. He never forgot his football roots, though. Turley donated part of the proceeds from album sales to the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, which provides assistance to the retired NFL players who built the league into the powerhouse it is today.

That work with Gridiron Greats ultimately led Turley to create the Cannabis Gridiron Coalition in late 2014. He saw the need for a treatment center for former NFL players, and he knew from his own experience that medical cannabis can be a positive option for those dealing with debilitating football-related conditions. Over the past year, the Coalition has become a leading voice advocating for a change in the NFL’s cannabis ban, with Turley often joined by former players Nate Jackson, Ricky Williams, Eben Britton, and others.

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