High Hopes: Legalized Pot is on the Way

As marijuana producers gear up to sell to the masses, the feds have some hurdles to clear

Walking into the lobby of Tweed Marijuana Inc. in Smiths Falls, Ont., is like entering a sleek but bare-bones start-up, all polished concrete floors and white walls: visitors are greeted by a vintage-looking cabinet displaying jars of the company’s wares on shelves above faded hardcover books, as well as a trendy wall of old candy ads—homage to the building’s previous life as a Hershey factory. Men in sneakers with well-groomed beards wander in and out. But this isn’t some hipster PR firm—Tweed is at the vanguard of Canada’s medical marijuana industry, readying itself for the multi-billion-dollar market for legal marijuana expected to take root under the newly elected Liberal government.

But first things first. Moving from illicit to licit requires regulations that allow enough of a legal market to dry out the black one—ideally, while bringing in much-needed tax revenue—and a blend of stiff penalties for rule-breakers and funding for education and addiction treatment.

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