Ahead of Vote on Cannabis Clubs, Future of Pot Legalization in D.C. is Shaky

When aging Grateful Dead members and their fans broke into song at Verizon Center late last year, a cloud of marijuana smoke rose from the audience. Under D.C. law, the collective exhale constituted more than enough for Mayor Muriel E. Bowser to swoop in and shut down the city’s marquee sports arena — not just for the night, but permanently.

The fact that she did not, or even threaten to, has emerged as Exhibit A of why the city’s rules on when and where people can smoke pot have become unworkable and in need of change, say D.C. Council members and other critics of the mayor’s law. They argue that because Bowser has never exercised the powers she sought a year ago to shut down a business large or small for public pot consumption, the law is effectively a sham and should be changed.

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