Congress Members to VA: Let Veterans Smoke Marijuana

Despite the men and women of the United States military being forced to risk life and limb to protect the agenda of the federal government, those who return home wounded from the battlefield are not given the same freedom to take advantage of statewide medical marijuana programs as the average citizen.

Instead, the Department of Veterans Affairs has done everything in its power to prevent vets suffering from conditions ranging from chronic pain to PTSD from using cannabis products as an alternative to addictive pharmaceuticals, going as far as to implement policies that disqualify those who test positive for THC metabolites from receiving other, crucial VA benefits.

However, a bipartisan legion of U.S. House and Senate members recently stepped up in an attempt to strongly persuade the Department of Veterans Affairs to stop running interference with the health of military veterans when it comes to their choice of treating wartime ailments with cannabis. In a letter to VA Secretary Robert McDonald, the 21 Congressional enforcers advised the department to reconsider its current directive, which prevents physicians employed with the VA from providing veterans with recommendations that would allow them to take part in medical marijuana programs.

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