Fourteen Vancouver Pot Shops Move One Step Closer to Legitimacy

Fourteen applicants are one step closer to running a licensed marijuana dispensary in Vancouver as the city attempts to impose some control on the illegal retail sale of cannabis.

The applicants include a current owner who acknowledges a past association with the Hells Angels, and the identity of those behind seven others remains unknown. Letters published on the city’s development services website had names missing or redacted.

The city has received public feedback from those within a two-block radius of these prospective locations, which are now awaiting a development permit before being audited for a new business licence.

Provincial politicians are pushing for pot to be sold through liquor stores or pharmacies – not dispensaries – once recreational use is made legal, but Vancouver is continuing with its landmark regulation that could see these illegal storefronts winnowed down from more than 100 to just several dozen this year.

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