LDS Mom Pushes for Legalization of ‘Miracle’ Drug: Medical Marijuana

A devout Mormon mom turned herself in to the Weber County Sheriff’s office today on drug charges. She arrived with her husband and two kids in tow, for her formal booking photo.

Enedina Stanger is 27 years old and until now did not have a criminal history. She was charged with felony child endangerment on Oc. 1 after a passerby called police saying they could smell pot in Stanger’s minivan in a Weber County Wal-Mart parking lot. Stanger was sitting in her car with her daughter while her husband and second child ran in to grab milk. Stanger says she was not feeling well and stayed in the car, her daughter decided to sit with her — not wanting her mom to be alone.

The family headed out together because a realtor was showing its home to potential buyers. Stanger grabbed her stash of marijuana on the way out of the house, not wanting anyone to find it and knowing she would need it while gone.

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