In Denver, Marijuana Party Bus Service Gives Pot Users a Mobile Lounge

Tech entrepreneurs in Colorado are finding new ways to bring marijuana into the 21st century, and as of Jan. 2, fans of recreational marijuana will be able to book a party bus where the drug is acceptable, if not encouraged. Denver’s High There Hopper will serve those who want to consume marijuana legally while they watch the city streets slide on by outside. Riders enter the bus (which is actually a limo) and are greeted by flashing lights and music, according to ABC7.

“We’ve all ridden in limos before — people drink and consume alcohol in limos, [so]why couldn’t we provide the similar experience for cannabis users,” Brian Sherman, chief operations officer for High There.

Since the limo windows are tinted, and technically private property, the service is legal, according to a spokesperson for the Denver Office of Marijuana Policy. The main priority is the safety of Denver residents. There isn’t a partition between the driver and the so-called cannabis lounge, but the driver isn’t allowed to smoke.

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