Which States are Most likely to Legalize Cannabis in 2016?

As the year comes to a close, cannabis supporters are looking towards 2016 with great anticipation. With the presidential election looming, there is guaranteed to be a massive voter turnout and the initiatives that are poised for inclusion on the 2016 ballot stand a chance to make some big changes. But which states are most likely to legalize next? Here are our predictions for 2016.

Almost a Sure Thing

If you’re searching for a sure bet, look no further than Nevada. It may have taken this state a while to legalize medical marijuana, but now that it’s on that path to legalization, it’s not stopping ‘til the end. Nevada’s was the first state campaign to officially gather the required number of signatures to qualify for the 2016 ballot, submitting 170,000 signatures last December. That’s about 60,000 more signatures than the 101,667 signatures needed, and nearly two years early. Nevada’s already opened a successful medical marijuana program that allows reciprocity without any issues. With any luck, it’s locked in on recreational and won’t stop until next November.

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