6 Things YOU Can Do for Cannabis Prisoners

As you go about celebrating the holidays this year, take a moment out of your busy schedule to support those paying the highest price in the war on weed—those incarcerated. Prison existence is bleak anytime but especially so during the holidays.

Caring about our marijuana POWs brings good karma and spreads positive energy all around. I often hear from the marijuana inmates I write to that the cards, letters and photos I sent not only lifted their spirits, but also the spirits of all the other prisoners around them. People reaching in to care about prisoners is such a rare thing that anytime it happens, it gives hope to all that people who care actually do exist in the world.

Here are some easy things you can do to help those behind bars during the holidays, or anytime. These things won’t cost much money or time, but doing some or all of them will brighten a marijuana inmate’s word tremendously, and it just might help them get released too.

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