Most Colorado Voters say Legal Marijuana is a Good Thing

Men were more likely to support marijuana legalization than women.

It’s been almost two years since Colorado regulated recreational marijuana for sale, and according to a Quinnipiac University poll released on Friday, a majority of the state’s voters support the decision and say its outcome has been good.

Fifty-five percent of Colorado voters surveyed support the law that legalized marijuana in 2012 and officially regulated the sale of the drug in 2014. Forty-one percent stand opposed. Slightly over half of Coloradans think the outcome has been good for the state, while 39 percent say it’s been bad.

While a majority of voters support the law and approve of its outcome, the issue continues to divide voters along partisan lines. More than 7 in 10 Democrats back the law, while almost an equal proportion of Republicans oppose it. Similarly, the number of Democrats who say it’s been good for the state is about the same as the number of Republicans who say it’s been bad.

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