Marc Emery: In Canada, Cannabis Regulation is the New Prohibition

After 50 years of oppression by three levels of Canadian governments (1965 being the first year for a notable number of marijuana arrests in Canada) and bullying Big Brother the United States looking over its shoulder for compliance, these same oppressors are now implementing “regulations” to achieve the goals of prohibition in the era of legalization.

Make no mistake, every elected Liberal member of Parliament, including cabinet ministers, is on record supporting legalization. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directed his Minister of Justice in a public mandate to implement this goal by the end of his first term. “Legalization” is going happen, and Canada appears to be the first democracy in the world where a government was elected campaigning on a promise to legalize marijuana and is going to follow through.

But if legalization is the inevitable and unanimous policy of the governing body, why is it illegal now?

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