Montana can’t Decide Whether to Embrace or Reject Cannabis Initiatives

The cannabis world is on fire lately, with unprecedented support from all kinds of unexpected places.

Arizona, Missouri and Montana are preparing for the fight to the finish line for the general election next November, collecting signatures and signed-on support.  Montana’s proposals are running hot and cold, though – one medical, one recreational, and one measure to ban cannabis entirely.  Internationally, some Canadian dispensaries are holding their breath after a brush with the long arm of the law, Colombia’s president wants to cultivate and export cannabis, and Mexico can’t decide what the Supreme Court ruling will mean for the future of cannabis.  Hold on tight, this ride towards legalization is just getting started!

U.S. Cannabis Updates


  • After the DEA chief, Chuck Rosenberg, recentlymade inflammatory remarks about medical marijuana being “a joke,” cannabis advocates were righteously outraged and circulated a petition calling for the resignation of Chuck Rosenberg on the basis that he is not qualified for the job (you can sign it here if you’re feeling similarly inclined).  The petition has gained more than 80,000 signatures, which is actually about twice the number of signatures that were on a petition that led directly to the resignation of the former chief of the DEA, Michelle Leonhart.  With so many Americans who have benefited from the use of medical marijuana, shouldn’t there be a qualified administrator leading such a crucial component of drug policy, one who understands and respects the science behind the medicine, as well as the will of the patients and voters?

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