Radical Rant: Ohio Issue 3 Loss Costs Marijuana Reformers the Moral High Ground

On Tuesday, when Ohio’s pot legalization initiative failed to pass, some marijuana legalization advocates lost the moral high ground in the debate to end marijuana prohibition.

For years now, the legalization side has positioned the arguments around themes of social justice and patient access. Legalization has to happen, the argument went, because black folks are four times more likely to be busted for weed. Being busted for weed meant a litany of harms, including searches, tickets, fines, arrests, incarceration and the loss of job, housing and educational opportunities. Prohibition meant moms with epileptic kids were risking felonies or considering emigrating for cannabis oil and veterans with PTSD and cancer and AIDS and MS patients would suffer.

The framing was that if we don’t end prohibition, real human suffering occurs.

On the other side, Kevin Sabet and the prohibitionists have been fighting like hell to pull the reform discussion away from those twin pillars of social justice and patient access.

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