Cannabis Expo Hosts Career Fair for Phoenix-Area Businesses

Most businesses require special skills and qualifications from interested applicants applying for a position. But imagine applying for a job that requires you to only wake up and show up to work on time, and also involves no previous experience.

That is only one of the benefits of applying for a job in the cannabis industry.

This week, the Southwest Cannabis Conference and Expo is taking place at the Phoenix Convention Center and providing information, awareness and education about medical marijuana and its growth.

“It’s really important that these potential corporations running marijuana at the state and national level get exposure,” said Demitri Downing, president and CEO of Policquake, a public-affairs organization and advocate of the cannabis industry. “We are trying to make Arizona a better state and we are trying to be as transparent as possible. That is what this expo is about. That is what the modern cannabis industry is about.”

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