Windsor Pot Smokers Sought for Study, Local Docs Sought for Pot Prescriptions

Windsor’s pot smokers — that is, the ones who consume it legally — could be asked to join the largest study of its kind in Canada aimed at measuring how effective medical cannabis actually is.

Two Toronto-based pain physicians will spend three years tracking 1,000 medical cannabis patients in Ontario to measure how their doctor-prescribed weed handles such symptoms as chronic pain and sleeplessness.

“Even though there are some very encouraging results suggesting … cannabis can be effective, there is a lack of long-term, large-scale studies assessing the role of dried cannabis in pain, sleep and function,” said Dr. John Hanlon, who is a pain management physician and staff anesthesiologist at St. Michael’s Hospital.

Hanlon, who is also an assistant professor at the University of Toronto’s Department of Anesthesia, is co-investigator of the study being led by Dr. Hance Clarke, who is a staff anesthesiologist and the medical director of the Toronto General Hospital’s Pain Research Unit.

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