Maryland’s Medical Marijuana Industry Taking Shape

A 152,000-square-foot warehouse in Cumberland, Md., could soon be the home of some of Maryland’s first legally produced medical marijuana. To address security concerns, Peak Harvest Health says it will install bullet-proof glass and retinal scanners to identify those entering the building. Employees will wear color-coded uniforms confirming where they are allowed to be.

By late 2016, if approved by state regulators, the windowless building next door to a police station could be churning out up to 18 pounds of marijuana a day, enough to treat thousands of patients a month.

A year after Maryland legalized marijuana for medicinal use, the seeds of an industry are beginning to form. Experienced marijuana growers from across the country have begun piling into the state to compete for $165,000 a year in state-issued licenses to grow medical-grade pot.

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