Why Won’t People Face the Evidence on Legalising Cannabis?

A new study by the Treasury has revealed that legalising cannabiswould have huge economic benefits for the UK. The move would raise hundreds of millions of pounds in taxes and ease the burden on the criminal justice system.

This comes on the back of growing evidence that cannabis – like many recreational drugs – is often no more dangerous than alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Even where studies identify links between cannabis use at a young age and mental illness, such dangers would be better addressed in a regulated market with proper health warnings and checks on the age of buyers.

But at the level of government, reasonable debate often doesn’t seem to come into it. In 2009 Professor David Nutt was sacked as a government adviser for comments he had made in an academic journal about the dangers of ecstasy. Nutt wrote that taking the drug is no more dangerous than horse-riding. Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary at the time, ordered Nutt to apologise.

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