Marijuana Grower Sued for Using Pesticides

It didn’t take long before marijuana companies would be treated like any other company, and that means getting sued. On October 5, a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of lead plaintiffs Brandan Flores and Brandie Larrabee against LivWell, a Colorado marijuana grower and owner of dispensaries. They complain that LivWell used the pesticide Eagle 20 on marijuana sold to its customers.

City officials in Denver were so concerned that on April 24 they placed a hold on approximately 60,000 plants produced by LivWell. However, after testing of the plants showed residue within acceptable limits, the Department of Environmental Health lifted the hold and allowed the plants to be sold.

LivWell owner John Lord said in a statement that the plants were safe following the testing. The defendents disagree. They say that Eagle 20 breaks down into a poison known as hydrogen cyanide when heated with a standard cigarette lighter. They also say that the pesticide gets absorbed into the plants and so residue testing would not be an effective test. The lawsuit claims that Eagle 20 is dangerous for humans and is not approved for use with tobacco products.

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