Prison Time, Forfeiture and Medical Pot: Lansing is on a Bipartisan Roll

The Michigan Legislature has been on a bipartisan binge lately, passing legislation that not everybody may like, but at least they have found a way to build consensus around three controversial issues.

First, there was a strong bipartisan House vote to revamp the way the state keeps crooks behind bars, with an eye toward letting some of them out of the slammer after they have served their minimum sentence.

Then came a two-party endorsement of a new forfeiture law, making it tougher for the cops to confiscate property from accused crooks. They will need more evidence that the forfeiture is warranted.

And now comes a bipartisan House vote, after four years of groundwork by the bill’s sponsor, to impose some state regulation on the medical marijuana front. Rep. Mike Callton, R-Nashville, failed the first time, but went back to work and got segments of the law enforcement community into the fold, which opened the way for these new state regulations.

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