Suffering from Chronic Pain? Here are 5 Ways Cannabis Can Help Your Sex Life

All bodies deserve pleasure. That’s a sentiment most of us can support. So when your body experiences chronic pain or a disability with pain as a side effect, facilitating pleasure can be complicated.

Earlier this year, Lisa Rough highlighted some research which suggests that cannabis use can be an effective substitute for opiate pain relievers. She pointed out that “More than 1.5 billion people in the world and an estimated 116 million Americans regularly suffer from chronic pain.” Introducing cannabinoids into your sex life can help decrease pain and increase pleasure, whether you’re having solo or partnered sex.

I asked H.F.*, a woman who lives with chronic pain, how it has affected her sex life. “Chronic pain often makes me less interested in sex and it has made some sexual positions more difficult or uncomfortable for me. When I use cannabis, I find that I have much more interest in sex and respond more easily to touch. I’ve used a vaporizer (Pax) and Grape Ape and Blue Dream very successfully, though Grape Ape sometimes makes me more tired than I’d prefer. I also like using edibles as their effect lasts for a long time. Luckily, living in the Bay Area, I get lots of options in terms of flowers and edibles. I also look for products that are higher in CBD since my pain condition involves inflammation.”

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