Why a Native American Tribe can open a Marijuana Resort in a State Where Pot is Illegal

A Native American tribe plans to do something that’s technically illegal in South Dakota, the state where the tribe resides: It will grow and sell marijuana.

The Santee Sioux tribe’s move is possible as a result of a 2014 Justice Department decision that stopped US attorneys from prosecuting Native American tribes that grow and sell pot on reservations.

The Santee Sioux tribe seems to be, according to the Associated Press, the first tribe to take really big advantage of the opportunity. As the AP’s Regina Garcia Cano reported, leaders plan to grow their own pot and sell it in a smoking lounge that will include a nightclub, arcade games, bar and food service, slot machines, and an outdoor music venue. Tribal President Anthony Reider called it “an adult playground.” The small tribe of 400 hopes to use the profits for housing, a clinic, and addiction treatment.

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