Liberals will not Count Revenue from Proposed Marijuana Tax in Fiscal Platform

The Liberal Party’s platform will not count on a single dollar of new revenue from legalizing marijuana even though some estimates suggest Ottawa could rake in billions from taxing pot in a similar way to alcohol and tobacco.

The federal Green Party, which also supports legalizing marijuana and has already released its full platform, is counting on $5-billion a year in pot revenue to help fund its spending promises.

The Liberal Party has not yet released a fully costed election platform. However, candidate John McCallum, who is involved in preparing the costing of the document, confirmed in an interview with The Globe and Mail on Thursday that the platform will not assume any revenue from legalization.

“We are booking zero,” Mr. McCallum said. “Yes there will likely be some revenue, but it’s a bit speculative as to precisely how much. So we are, I suppose, being super prudent in booking nothing at all.”

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