Michigan Official Rejects Recommendation to Add Autism to Medical Marijuana Law

LANSING, MI — A Michigan official has rejected a citizen petition and review panel recommendation to add “autism” to the list of conditions that qualify patients for medical marijuana use under state law.

Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Director Mike Zimmer, in a final determination released Thursday, cited a “concerning” lack of scientific evidence regarding medical marijuana use by autistic patients, specifically by children.

“While the record is replete with sincere and well-articulated testimony on the potential benefits of medical marihuana to autism patients and, in particular, parents of autistic children, several troubling concerns remain,” he wrote.

Michael Komorn, an attorney representing Lisa Smith, the Michigan mom who filed the autism petition, said supporters had submitted “overwhelming research” and peer-reviewed articles to make their case. He likened Zimmer’s determination to “reefer madness,” suggesting the department director did not understand the science himself.

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