Medical Marijuana Business No Gold Rush

The gold rush excitement created by Health Canada licensing medical marijuana businesses appears to be cooling, in part because of B.C.’s illegal dispensaries and pot users who are challenging federal government rules in court.

As of March, 25 commercial operators in Canada — six in B.C. — have been authorized by Health Canada to produce or sell marijuana grown under strict conditions and mailed to clients with doctor’s prescriptions.

Ottawa, which drastically changed the rules for getting medical pot when it banned patients in 2014 from growing their own bud, has rejected 901 business applications. Another 324 are being reviewed for things like security clearance and pre-licensing inspections. More than one-third of those under-review applications, or 116 of them, are from B.C.-based companies. Health Canada says it will not update the number of licences issued until September at the earliest.

(Ottawa will not identify the name or location of the 116 applicants hoping to start new medicinal pot operations in B.C. A Sun investigation, with the help of marijuana-industry marketing company MMJ Hype, confirmed 22 of the applicants and posted them on an interactive map at

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