Windsor’s First Medical Marijuana Clinic Set to Open in September

Medical marijuana should become easier to obtain for local patients with the opening next month of a new medical clinic in Windsor specializing in cannabis treatment.

Those behind the local branch of the Canadian Cannabis Clinics — the sixth such facility in Ontario — also hope the facility can help educate local physicians about the therapeutic and health benefits of pot, as well as to help dispel the myths.

“Definitely, some doctors are hostile to it,” said CCC spokesman Ronan Levy. “Our experience has been that attitudes, quite negative at first, start to shift as doctors are exposed (to medical marijuana), and they become more open to it.”

Levy is a director and general counsel for CanvasRx, a Toronto-based cannabis counselling service that created the Canadian Cannabis Clinics, the first of which was established a year ago in St. Catharines. They’ve since expanded into London, Toronto, Ottawa and Etobicoke.

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