Could Ohio be the First to Legalize Cannabis in the Midwest?

After a last-minute fight to the finish line, Ohio’s legalization campaign, ResponsibleOhio, managed to submit an additional 95,000 signatures to squeak by with a total of 320,000 signatures to get the recreational proposal on the November 2015 ballot.

The group spent approximately $2.4 million on signature gathering for the initiative, and while they turned in roughly 700,000 signatures, more than half of them (about 400,000) were deemed invalid. The campaign was given an extra 10 days to meet the 305,591 signatures needed, giving ResponsibleOhio time to surpass the minimum requirement.

This Ohio proposal is unlike any of the recreational legalization proposals in that it would essentially create a monopoly, or an oligopoly, wherein there would be 10 licensed growing operations around the state that would be owned exclusively by the investors who are funding the campaign.

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