What the Medical Marijuana Debate Is Really About

The debate goes on — yes or no to medical marijuana?

As a parent who is currently giving my child medical marijuana for epilepsy, it’s hard for me to understand the resistance. The answer seems so obvious to me: why wouldn’t we try this?

But after reading responses to another mom’s blog on this topic, I started thinking that maybe the resistance is because people misunderstand our cause and misunderstand what this whole debate is really about. That is the only way I can make sense of the people who are looking in from the outside shaking their heads and poo-pooing this treatment option for reasons that seem either irrelevant or ridiculous to us parents. To me, the only way these comments make sense is that these people are entirely missing the point.

And the point is this: this debate isn’t even about marijuana; it’s about our kids! It’s about epilepsy! It’s about desperate parents looking for additional treatment options for our precious kids suffering through epilepsy. Period.

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