New York City’s New Drug Threat: ‘Weaponized Marijuana’

NEW YORK (Reuters) – It gives users super human strength, makes them impervious to pain and can be bought for as little as $2 across New York. It can also kill, police say.

Illegal synthetic marijuana, or “weaponized” marijuana as police are calling it, is spreading across New York, particularly the city’s homeless population in search of a cheap high but who often wind up hospitalized or dead.

Little is understood about the drug, also known as “K-2” or “spice.” A spike in hospitalizations this year, some deaths, and camera footage of crazed and violent users have prompted police to act.

“The synthetic marijuana issue has been one of great and growing concern here in New York,” said NYPD Commissioner William Bratton at a press conference on Tuesday in which he also released monthly crime statistics. “You are going to see a lot more of it in the short term.”

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