Winnipeg Police Arrest Owner and Patient at Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Glenn Price, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary on Main Street, has been arrested, along with his wife and a patient who was using the dispensary.

The trio were arrested Tuesday morning, according to a staff member at Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters.

William Bell, the caretaker for the business, cleaning a bong when police came in.

He said as Price was ushered to the back room and arrested he asked Bell to get in touch with the media.

Officers told Bell if he returned he could get in trouble, but they didn’t say for what.

At the time Price was arrested, three patients and two staff members, including Bell, were in the shop.

According to a female staff member, Price’s wife and a customer were also arrested in Monday’s raid.

In mid-July, shortly after opening the dispensary, Price was warned by Winnipeg police to stop selling cannabis.

Officers cited pressure from Health Canada to crack down on marijuana dispensaries – which are illegal in Canada.

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