Turnaround in Health Ministry will Allow Sales of Medical Cannabis in Pharmacies

A revolutionary decision by the Health Ministry will make it possible for patients licensed to receive medical cannabis to get it at a pharmacy with authorization from a medical expert instead of having to go to a handful of approved ministry physicians. Deputy Health Minister MK Ya’acov Litzman announced the decision on Monday at a session of the Knesset Anti-Drugs Committee.

The policy shift will make it easier for tens of thousands of people with pain and other chronic symptoms to get medical marijuana.

“I saw medical marijuana last week for the first time,” said Litzman, an MK from the ultra-Orthodox (haredi) United Torah Judaism party. I was required by a suit in the High Court of Justice to deal with the issue,” he said. During his first four-year tenure as deputy health ministry, he “tried to stay away of dealing with the issue myself, but to hand it to professionals in the ministry. I am aware of the need to create order in the matter and to change the ministry’s policy to make it easier for patients,” he said.

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