Californian City to get ‘Marijuana Innovation Zone’

This week’s best city stories from around the web talk about marijuana zones in California, a forgotten waterway under the streets of Auckland, a mushroom farm in Camden and mime-artist-assisted traffic control in Bogotá. We’d love to hear your responses to these stories, and any others you’ve read recently, both on Guardian Cities and elsewhere. Just share your thoughts in the comments below.

Pot city

The practice of land-use zoning (everything from residential neighbourhoods to heavy industry and retail) is well known to cities, especially in the US. But one city in California is due to see a highly (pun intended) unexpected addition to this: a marijuana zone. As Next City reports, the small city of Arcata has just become the first jurisdiction in the US to officially embrace the production of the plant in a proposed “medical marijuana innovation zone”.

“City officials believe it would be the country’s first-ever land use designation specifically meant to promote and regulate the production of marijuana and cannabis-related products,” writes Josh Stephens. Areas on the edge of the town are being earmarked for the activity, due to concerns that the smell could disturb residents.

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