Weekend Weirdness: Remember When Pharmacists Mixed Cannabis into Anti-Diarrheal Medicine?

A retiring pharmacist from Waterloo waxed nostalgic about his profession back in ye olden days (1955), where he “[mixed]and [cooked]concoctions at the back of the drug store.”

One of the remedies he whipped up on a regular basis was a common cure for the trots that contained a rather… familiar ingredient.

When Maurice Payes, now 77 years old, was asked to concoct some medicine to counteract diarrhea, he’d do what other pharmacists did during that time: he threw in some cannabis.

Said Payes about the use of a “form of cannabis plant” in the anti-diarrheal medicine:

“It used to come in liquid form. Not the same kind that was used for smoking, but it came from hemp. It worked quite well apparently.”

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