Five Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – Most of us smokers have run out of grass at an inopportune time, whether it be at a party or just at a time when a hoot would really hit the spot.

It’s an annoying and empty feeling, and running out to the local dealer is an expensive trip.

If a personal crop is even remotely possible, then by all means run with it. With a little effort and a small investment, chances are the bag of grass will never be empty again.

Here are five reasons why it pays to grow a personal crop of green:

Cost – A typical plant will net an ounce after curing. An everyday 1000-watt metal halide lamp will easily bring six plants to maturity in eight to ten weeks. Smoking six ounces in two months is a good pace that will keep even hardcore stoners happy. Now calculate how much those six ounces would cost should they be purchased on the street. The difference in price is astounding.

Strains & Flavors – There are hundreds of different strains of marijuana to choose from, each with their own attributes and flavors. One of the hardest decisions a grower has to decide upon is which strain to grow (this time). It is entirely possible to grow a crop of many different strains – there is nothing stopping a grower from growing one strain per plant in a crop of many plants.

Community – Once a crop is harvested and cured, knowing this new skill will bring other growers out of the woodwork. Most growers keep the fact that they grow under tight-lipped security. A new grower to talk shop with is always welcome.

Sharing with Friends – Most people know how much they smoke on any given day. If there is more buds than what will be consumed by harvest time of the next crop, think of sharing with friends. Most stoners hang out with stoners, so sharing even a small amount of the costly green with friends will be much appreciated.

Pride – Once a successful crop is harvested and cured, chances are there will be a pretty good feeling about the new crop, and for good reason. Taking on a two-month project is an investment in time and effort. The rewards, though, are worth it.

Growing at home can be problematic, especially if it’s done in a city. Most people have a basement or crawl space to grow in. Keeping the smell down can be a real chore, as a nearly harvestable crop has a strong odor to it. To combat this, plant some geraniums around the house. They have an odor that compliments marijuana and covers the scent well.

Another thing to consider is power usage. A 1000-watt lamp on a timer causes a measurable variance in the local power grid. Keeping the grow operation to one 1000-watt lamp causes a safe draw of power – the local power company likely won’t pursue the variance. Adding another lamp or two will raise some eyebrows.

Keep the operation small and there won’t be problems. If a one lamp crop isn’t enough, make sure to separate the space for each crop and lamp and stagger the on/off cycle for each crop. Having more than one 1000-watt lamp turning on and off at the same time means trouble. Even if the on lamp only overlaps the on cycle of the other lamps by four hours, the extra draw in power won’t be noticed.

While there’s always a risk in growing at home, if just a few small rules are adhered to, the pay-off comes in the form of a nice crop.

Be careful and secretive and in eight weeks there will be a big bag or two of green to partake from.

Good luck and happy growing.

Thomas Valentine is a journalist, technical writer and web developer from Selkirk, Manitoba. He has earned a pair of engineering degrees from the University of Manitoba and has published hundreds of magazine articles, as well as a number of technical books. He has been a grower for all of his adult life and continues to refine his marijuana horticultural skills in a hidden guerrilla garden.