Israel, Canada Want A Piece Of New York’s Medical Marijuana

For years the United States worried about drugs crossing our borders from other countries, now it seems other countries are crossing our border to get into drugs. Namely – cannabis. While most believe that the U.S. is conservative in its approach to marijuana, the recent push for legalization has suddenly thrust America’s marketplace into a cannabis leadership position.

The potential for the U.S. market is so big, that companies from other countries want in. Israel wants in on the action in New York. Marijuana is illegal in the country, but in a twist, the country is a world leader on its research into the medical uses of marijuana. Tikun Olam, which means ‘healing the world’ in Hebrew, is the only large-scale industrial producer of cannabis in Israel and operates under a license from the Israel Ministry of Health. Tikun Olam announced that it was partnering with Compassionate Care Center of New York and applying to be a Registered Organization under New York’s Compassionate Care Act.

Tikun Olam has the most extensive patient treatment database in the field of medical marijuana with over 10,000 patients being monitored for nearly a decade. A Tikun Olam spokesman said, “We have been waiting for the climate in America to be right for us to enter the market with pharmaceutical-grade products, and now that New York and other states have taken an FDA-styled extract-only approach, we feel we will have the greatest impact on patient health without the risks associated with a more loosely-regulated system.” If the CCC of NY gets a license from the State of New York, it will have exclusive rights to the Tikun strains which are unique and known as being the highest quality cannabis grades in the world.

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