Colorado Supreme Court Rules Employers Can Fire Medical Marijuana Patients for Off-the-Job Use

Today the Colorado Supreme Court dealt a significant blow to patients who use medical marijuana. The Court held that employers may freely fire medical marijuana patients for their private, off-duty, and legal use of marijuana.

At the time he was fired from Dish Network, Brandon Coats, a 34 year old quadriplegic, had been by all accounts a diligent employee who had never been disciplined. But after three years, Coats was subject to a random drug test and he tested positive for an undetermined amount of marijuana metabolites. Coats informed Dish that he used medical marijuana to treat debilitating and persistent muscle spasms and seizures, but they fired him for violating the company’s drug-free workplace rules anyway.

Patients in Colorado are now forced to choose between treating often debilitating symptoms with medical marijuana and earning a living. They may no longer be able to do both unless lawmakers pass robust reforms that protect patients.

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